What are Squarestix?

SquareStix is the fastest, most accurate way to determine the square of an opening. Hundreds of contractors and service professionals across North America depend on SquareStix to save them time on the job and provide consistent, easy to read, accurate measurements.    



Simply place SquareStix diagonally in the opening,extend to the corners and tighten the set screw. You will see the measurement instantly and in front of you. Loosen SquareStix, move to the opposite corner and repeat. You can also set SquareStix to the width or length and run SquareStix horizontally or vertically the length of the opening to check for warp and bow


It is that easy!


No more collapsing, out of control tape measures or helpers needed for large openings. Perfect widths and lengths
Three SquareStix sizes cover nearly every size door and window opening.



Save time. Save money.

Get quick accurate measurements every time with SquareStix.

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